Let us help you place

"The right people in the right position doing the right tasks."

Vision – Execution - Results

Welcome to The Entrepreneur LLC. We are a Global Workforce Staffing and Business Coaching firm where we focus on business growth and performance. We work with our clients on their vision, then we execute a plan and we get results. 

A large part of the overall planning involves staffing. Our Global Staffing provides the highest quality workers from the Philippines. We place the right people in the right positions doing the right tasks. We focus on quality with our ISO 9001-2105 Certification to obtain the top 5% of Philippine workforce talent. Our candidates are tested for English proficiency, Intelligence  and  personality and behavioral traits.  Our goal is to find our clients the perfect worker that fits into their office culture. All this at 70% less than what are clients are currently paying for back-office support.