Lead Generation-The Old-Fashioned Way- With a Twist

Not all new marketing approaches are the best.  Top insurance agents have several lead generation strategies. Networking by creating contact spheres along with centers of influence is always the best but why not go back to the old-fashioned way of building x-dates on auto and home prospect. But, with a twist. 

Scenario: A mid-sized independent Insurance agency had several producers. Some experienced and some new. The agency was 70% commercial and 30% personal lines. The goal was to balance their book of business by selling more auto and home insurance. 

Problem: The owner had a goal of balancing the P&C revenue to a 50/50 split between commercial and personal lines. The agency had producers selling personal lines policy, but the growth was slower than expected. Their five-year plan to balance the book was in its second year and based on the producers’ performance, the goal would not be reached until year 10.

Plan of Action: We worked on a strategy where we hired a Virtual Assistant that was tasked to call and collect x-dates on auto and home policies in a specific geographic location. The plan was to have a database of prospects ready to buy based on knowing the policy effective dates.

Outcome: With the support of this VA lead generator focused on expiration dates, the sales pipeline became full. Every day, the producers had five new prospects to call based on knowing the carrier and renewal date of the prospect. This agency is back on target to balance the book of business in five years again. 
Final thoughts: With all the lead generation programs, buying leads is expensive and those leads are given to other brokers as well. They do not produce the results you need. Have your producers join networking groups and build relationships with centers of influence. And as your third approach, hire a virtual assistant to build the pipeline for a steady flow of new business for less than $12 per hour, with no benefits or payroll taxes.