Pay it forward

Author: Kim Margarett

Being a mom of 5 and even before being a mom, I always have a soft heart for children and elderlies. I remember my mom would always appreciate how thoughtful I was, I always am eager to help everyone around me without asking for anything in return. But then months before the pandemic started, I became a different person. I worked for a company where the owner trusted me with almost everything and so I paid it forward, I helped almost everyone I know who needed a job. Even those who I know have zero knowledge about the job or even basic computer skills. I was all out in helping them and then one day, they betrayed me because they wanted my position. This resulted in me resigning from that company even though I know that it will affect my family since I am the breadwinner. The heartbreak that I had from that experience also resulted in me stepping back in almost everything. I stopped learning and reading, and just literally stopped becoming better at anything. I also started building a barrier around me and other people and that barrier became higher and higher when the pandemic started. Along with that, I stopped giving. All the other experiences and situations we had during the pandemic added to that feeling of becoming selfish because we literally lost everything.

2019 up until mid of 2022 felt like I was carrying a big rock all the time. Everything was just so heavy. I was jumping from one client to another because I was not performing, I was not myself and so I prayed really hard for a sign and guidance. And the sign that was given to me? It was more than I could ever take but who am I to complain? I asked for it! That became my wake-up call, so I stood up and applied to all the jobs I can see online. And then one day, I received the call and finally got hired here at The Entrepreneur LLC. Everything just happened so fast and I am really happy that I am working for a company that has the same values and beliefs as I do.

And so Christmas came, and I received a bonus that I never received from any of the companies I’ve been with before. Not even the previous company that I’ve embraced as my own. A bonus that finally will allow me to provide the Christmas and New Year celebration that my kids deserve after all those years that they also suffered! And so I prayed again, but this time I did not ask for anything. I thanked Him for everything and I promised myself that I will pay it forward. Yes, I destroyed that barrier because it was then that I realized that it did me nothing but bitterness. We were happily celebrating New Year’s eve when I came to this post where I saw a child looking at a family celebrating New Year’s eve as well from afar. A child who is also suffering from her parent’s decisions. A child who at a very young age is living a life she doesn’t deserve. I contacted the person who posted the photo and asked him to give something to the child on my behalf and when he sent me the pictures and videos of the child receiving the food and toys my heart melted.

This whole experience made me realize that there will always be heartaches and betrayals and all the bad things you can experience in this world but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being kind and thoughtful and loving. For us to be able to receive the positivity and peace that we need, we also need to be the bearer and the giver of it.

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.” — Jackie Mutcheson.

(The post I saw during New Year’s eve)
(The post I saw during New Year’s eve)