A national SEO company was spending over $600,000 per year paying for content creation.

 Problem: Paying for content creation is expensive and takes up a great deal of the gross revenue your clients pay you. However, today AI can be an incredible tool to save time and money. Unfortunately, your clients trust and expect 100% top quality content from you.  While AI is very good, it is not 100% reliable and if you are using it, careful supervision and oversight needs to be performed to avoid plagiarism and to deliver content as if it was truly customized to your client requirements.   For that reason, many SEO firms do not have the comfort of utilizing this technology.

Plan of Action: Purchase the highest quality AI content service but have a team of Virtual assistants manage the content for accuracy, punctuation compliance and personalization.

Outcome: AI technology was implemented, and the company hired a staff of full-time proofreading specialist that tested in the gifted range of the IQ scale and the highest scale level of English proficiency with verbal and writing skills. Our client reduced their annual cost by $500,000 immediately.  They can pass their saving on to their clients and win every opportunity they bid on and significantly increase their profitability or keep the savings and significantly boost their profitability.

Final thoughts: Think different.  Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on tasks/services you can do for less than $12 per hour with no payroll taxes and no high employee benefit costs.